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Welcome to my site which features Upper Keys Affordable to Luxury Homes plus Condos for sale in Islamorada, key Largo, Planrtation Key and Matecumbe. If you are considering buying a 2nd Vacation Home for retirement or just a move to a less stressful Lifestyle, There is no better place then the Upper Florida Keys which includes the areas of Key largo and Islamorada. I am Coldwell Banker's Top Producer in sales of both Affordable as well as Luxury Real Estate in the Upper Fl Keys. If you need more information about the process of Buying Real Estate for sale in the upper Keys, you've come to the right web site."PERMIT" me to help you with all the Details such as Mortgages,Closing Costs, Title Companies and Negotiations!

I am Coldwell Banker's Top Producer in sales of Islamorada Real Estate and Upper Fl Keys Real Estate since 2003, including the areas of Key Largo, Plantation Key, Matecumbe Key plus Islamorada, If you are looking to buy, sell, relocate or need any other information about Upper Keys Real Estate, you've come to the right web site."PERMIT" me to help you! See http://www.zillow.com/islamorada-fl/ for more info

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The Islamorada real estate market here is quite stable and delivers a sound investment. The average listing price tops just over $1.1 million, but the median sales prices comes in at $530,000. The median house values here really perform, continuing an upward streak, currently at approximately $449,000.
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Florida Keys Real Estate Market Comparison: January—June 2017 vs. 2016
linkedin pinterest twitter facebook yahoo.com email share this social network links Just imagine sun drenched beaches, crystal blue warm waters and soft tropical breezes. That's what awaits you here in The Keys. We also believe you'll find this incredible area and its lifestyle choices a wonderful place to live, just like we do On my site you'll find the knowledge and resources necessary for exploring and finding Upper Florida Keys and Islamorada Real Estate. For more see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/

Islamorada, a "Village of Islands," is an incorporated village in Monroe County, Florida, United States. It is located on the islands of Tea Table Key, Lower Matecumbe Key, Upper Matecumbe Key, Windley Key and Plantation Key in the Florida

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When you discover you have fallen in love with the area, and just can't bear the thought of going back to the rigors of life on the mainland, Jan Keller can help you find your new waterfront home by taking you on tours aboard one of Capt. Scott's fine boats. Catch a bonefish in your backyard, or hop aboard your very own "sport fish" and head out to the Atlantic in search of billfish. Whatever your preference, you can't beat the joys of home ownership in Paradise.You may also decide you're not quite ready for retirement and you want to buy a business. No problem. Jan can help you find either an established business or a location to get you started in a new one. Not ready to make the commitment of purchasing? Let Jan find just the right rental property for you. Whatever your needs, relocation is just a phone call away, and the person to call is Jan Keller




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Why Homes in the Keys with Greater Boating Depth Appreciate More

The Florida Keys are an ideal place to own property, precisely because of their fabulous location and wonderful climate. Since the Keys are a long stretching island archipelago, with plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities, it’s perfect for owning real estate. Of course, land is finite in the Florida Keys and what’s more, waterfront and coastal properties only account for a relatively small percentage of all available properties at any given time. After all, once properties are bought, owners generally hold onto them for a lengthy period of time. Here are some more reasons homes in the Keys with greater boating depth appreciate more:

Advantages of Buying a Condo in the Upper Keys





Purchasing a condo in the Upper Keys is a dream of many.

With its laid back lifestyle, its tropical appeal, closeness to the nightlife and sophistication of Miami, a condo can be used as a second home. It can also be the source of a nice revenue stream for the months the owner is away.

Condos also have the added benefit of being more tax friendly than a single family dwelling, and they’re often priced better than single family properties near the water. Because these communities have many units, the “price” of living near the water is significantly reduced, making them all the more attractive.

Then, there’s the maintenance aspect. In a condo, living or visiting the Upper Keys doesn’t take away from sunbathing, fishing, boating, and all the Keys have to offer. Purchase a single family, and that isn’t the case.

What You Ought to Know Before Purchasing a Condo

There are some key differences to owning a condo in the Upper Florida Keys and a single family property. First and foremost will be price.

Condos are generally less expensive in higher-priced areas. Though, that’s certainly not the only difference. Purchasing a condo means buying into a community. Condominiums are maintained and governed by a board of fellow unit owners called an HOA.

The homeowner’s association enforces the bylaws and is responsible for keeping the property in top condition. Before putting in an offer to purchase a condo in the Upper Keys, have your real estate agent do a little due diligence. It’s best to be in-the-know before committing to buy a unit. Make sure the reserves are adequate to deal with any upcoming issues. Speaking of upcoming issues, see if there are any special assessments on the horizon. Find out if there are any lawsuits against the association as well and be crystal clear on who fixes what.

Benefits of Buying a Condo in the Upper Keys

Of course, purchasing condo not only save money, it’s also a great decision because there are typically amenities--ones that you don’t have to personally maintain--such as a pool, boat docks, clubhouse, fitness center, and so on.

Other advantages of purchasing a condo in the Upper Keys are:

• It’s a safe and secure community. Many have security and some are gated, making them a safe place to live.

• Remodel at-will. Condo owners own their units from the interior walls in, so, they can make changes inside the unit as they please. Replacing the appliances, floors, or countertops is your prerogative.

• Neighbors can’t devalue your property. Because the HOA enforces the bylaws, the units must be kept in good order.

Neighbors can’t decide to paint their exterior walls with a loud color or set up a vehicle graveyard in the parking lot.

• Location, location, and location. What’s great about buying a condo is purchasing a property that’s in a fantastic location. Often this is a way to get the best of the Keys without having to pay a big price for a single family home. • Easy come, easy go. Leaving and returning is much like living in a resort. Security is one reason, but not having to worry about rescheduling services like lawn maintenance and pool cleaning go a long way.