Upper Keys Sellers Guide

The Importance of Using an Experienced Agent When You Sell Your Home


Selling a home isn't as simple as cleaning up the interior and exterior and placing a "For Sale" sign in the yard. Many things go into the sale of a home which is largely unseen by the general public. Market analysis, marketing the property, networking in certain circles, and negotiating with potential buyers takes a great deal of time--and expertise. When homeowners go it alone and sell buy-owner or "FSBO", for-sale-by-owner, they could be making several mistakes and not even be aware of it.


As mentioned, a "For Sale" sign isn't sufficient to market a home for sale. There is a whole universe of potential buyers across the street, over county lines, in other states and even in other countries. Experienced agents start the marketing process by looking at a home through a potential buyer's eyes. What they see leads them to form recommendations to the seller. A property's saleability is based on this analysis. It's important to know not only the history of a home but also its competition on the next street over or in surrounding neighborhoods.


Advertising is a large part of marketing. It's critical to know where to feature the property and what circles to introduce a particular home. This greatly increases a property's strategic exposure, making it visible to the very audience that is most likely to act. With an experienced agent selling a property, the home will be made available to other brokerages and agents. And that's a huge advantage considering over 50 percent of homes are sold in cooperative transactions, according to Realtor.com. These are transactions involving an agent other than the seller's bringing in the buyer.

Security and Qualifying

Selling a home means making it accessible to strangers. Strangers who may or may not be qualified to buy a home. Many sellers feel uncomfortable opening their homes to strangers on a whim. However, having a seller's agent means not having to restructure schedules to sell a house. A good seller's agent knows how to vet buyers and assess their level of enthusiasm, not to mention their ability to secure financing.


Selling a home is an emotional event. Memories abound. And homeowner bias often clouds judgment about their property's actual market value. A good seller's agent takes care of the negotiations to get the best selling price properly for the homeowner possible. Problems can arise and having an experienced professional can make all the difference.

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