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Islamorada, the Sparkling Jewel(s) in the Keys
By Nick Schklair

Made up of a chain of five islands which include Lower Matecumbe Key, Upper Matecumbe Key, Plantation Key, Tea Table Key, and Windley Key, the Islamorada chain is among the most lovely places to live or vacation within the Keys. As an investor, Islamorada real estate offers the opportunities to own a piece of paradise that can produce revenue on a weekly or monthly basis. As a place to live and/or retire so why not do it in a friendly, quaint and beautiful setting.

This 18 mile stretch of islands connected by Overseas Highway has beautiful bay and oceanfront properties available for sale or rent. It’s also a water sports center for diving, fishing, parasailing and lounging on a deck in front of the beautiful waters. One of the interesting things about Islamorada is that in and around the shore, on the bay side, the bottom is quite sandy giving a beautiful hue to the water with enough draft, for the most part, allowing boats to easily negotiate the waters without fear of running aground.

At night for dinner (or even during lunch) there are excellent restaurants (many of which are accessible by boat) from which to choose to feature the freshest catch of the day, conch and succulent lobster. If you’re up for a casual island ambiance, there’s always Holiday Isle Beach Resort and Marina which offers not only casual dining and all manner of drinks, but the ability to lounge around and just watch the people on jet skis or sailing through the air on parasails.

The beauty of Islamorada real estate is that it’s an investment that can be revenue friendly for just about 12 months a year. Certainly, the summer and winter season produce the most rentals, but because of the weather and the never-ending sunshine, Islamorada beckons visitors the year round. Islamorada can be more than an investment. It can be a state of mind.

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